Introducing solid at 4 to 6 months- signs of readiness for solids

9 Mar
  • It is usually recommended that babies should be able to sit unassisted before introducing them to solid foods. If your pediatrician has recommended starting solids at 4 or 5 months, your baby may not be able to sit unassisted – he should, however, be able to sit well with support. This is important as it enables him to swallow food efficiently.
  • He should have lost the ‘tongue thrust’ reflex – his natural instinct to push everythingoutof his mouth that you putin! It can be frustrating to try to give your baby solid foods if the tongue thrust reflex is still strong and may be one of the clearest indications that he is not ready for solid foods.
  • An increase in appetite – your baby seems dissatisfied after milk feeds.
  • An increased interest in watching YOU eat (although this is often just simple curiosity and doesn’t necessarily mean that he NEEDS solid foods).


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