Yaourt (Yoghurt) made by fresh milk

7 Apr

Ingredient :

1500 ml fresh milk

15 teaspoon of sugar

1 pot of live yoghurt

Method :

– Boil a litre of milk (this kills any ‘non-yoghurt bacteria’ in the milk), then allow it to cool to about 45 degrees. Don’t start making the yoghurt before the milk has cooled sufficiently, because the heat will kill the ‘good bacteria’.

– Now add sugar and stir it.

– Then add the pot of live yoghurt and stir it in, then pour the mixture into the cups supplied with your yoghurt-maker machine or similar glass pots etc. and keep warm according to the method you have chosen.

– The process of yoghurt making takes 8-10 hours: too short and the yoghurt will be of a less thick consistency; too long and the curds and whey start to separate

– The yoghurt will last several days in the fridge, with any flavouring, fruit or sugar best added at the time of serving rather than straight after manufacture.


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