Homemade face masks for dry skin

16 Apr


Dry skin is very prone to wrinkles therefore it must be taken care of with caution, and this is where homemade face masks come into the spotlights. Because it is so delicate, dry skin should not be subject of “experiments” when it comes to cosmetic products. If one would like to use a new cream, it should be first tested on a small area of the skin and then, if there are no side effects, it can be used on the entire face.

Being so demanding, dry skin is very “friendly” with natural treatments made at home therefore below are some great recipes anyone should use on their dry face.

Mask with eggs and honey

This one is great for hydration and skin texture restoration. You only need one egg, one teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of sunflower oil. Mix the whites until they thicken, add honey and oil. Apply it on face for 15 minutes than wash your face with warm water.

Banana and yogurt mask

This is a fantastic nourishing mask that cleanses the skin as well. For this one you will need two bananas, one tablespoon of honey and half a cup of yogurt. Put all ingredients in a blender and mix until becomes homogeneous. Put the mixture on the skin and wait for 20 minutes, until it dries. Remove it with warm water after.

Organic facial masks from fruits and vegetables:

1.       This is a mask made of one, two or even more ripe bananas. Crush the fruits with your fingers until it becomes a paste than spread it on your face. Wait for 30-60 minutes, remove it with wash without using soap and there you have it: an easy, organic mask with tonic and emollient action.

2.       Apply the juice from cucumbers on your face with a cotton swab for 20 minutes; it is great for moisturizing and softening the skin. If the skin is too dry, add one tablespoon of almond oil at 250 ml cucumber juice, shake well, rub the skin, leave it for about 45 minutes than wash with chamomile tea

3.       Strawberries, another natural wonder, should be crushed and mixed with sour cream; apply the mixture on your face, neck and chest and after 30 minutes remove it with rainwater.

4.       Crush some cherries and apply on your face; brilliant facial mask that restores skin elasticity.

5.       Wild strawberries and sour cream make a great team for skin tone; wash your face with rainwater, apply this mask from crushed and mixed ingredients and wash it after with chamomile tea.

6.       Another mask can be made from the juice squeezed from one or two lemons mixed with egg yolk and perhaps a teaspoon of honey. The composition is applied on the skin for 15 minutes than removed with rainwater.

7.       This one uses grated carrot roots with a teaspoon of whey cream or fresh milk – as above, use it on your face for about 30 minutes; a great homemade facial mask for dry skin!

8.       Use 15 g wheat bran, 10 g kaolin, 5 g honey and distilled water; mix all the ingredients until a consistent paste is formed; apply it for 30 minutes on your face.

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